Joseph P. Fisher, Ph.D.

Running, Writing, Ruminating

Joseph P. Fisher's Professional Skills

Writing and Research

A list of Joe's past, current, and future writing projects

Speaking and Teaching

An overview of Joe's public speaking appearances and his teaching experience

Running and Coaching

Joe's running history, coaching credentials, and partnership with Wilson Komen


Joe's sometimes-updated personal blog about running stuff, literary stuff, and other stuff


Joe's long-lost blogging project with students at The George Washington University

Significant Publications and Web Development Work

The Kiprunning Route Report

Responsive maps and route descriptions for many popular running trails in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia

"I Can't Do It, Mr. White"

An analysis of the ways in which AMC's Breaking Bad constructs drug manufacturing as a metaphor for corporate education

Coach Kiprunning Blog

The news source for Wilson Komen's coaching services and the Kiprunning Sports Club, based in Washington, DC

"A Soliloquy on Contingency"

A discussion of the lived working conditions for temporary, contingent professors—the norm in higher education

Consolidated Tax and Financial Services

Complete content development, site design, CSS customizations, and SEO integration

Shoegaze Gender Politics

An examination of how My Bloody Valentine's Loveless revolutionized gender representation in 1990s indie rock

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view”

—Edward Abbey

Testimonials about Joseph P. Fisher

"I have worked with Joseph Fisher in many capacities and have nothing but praise for his work as an educator, administrator, and scholar. Joe provides his students with superlative instruction, and the care that he gives to student writing is exemplary."
Robert McRuer
Professor, George Washington University
"I cannot overstate the high quality of Dr. Fisher's work ethic, professionalism, and the education that he provides. He is one of the most caring instructors with whom I have worked, and I can say that he has helped our students become better writers and thinkers."
Sara Hooshangi
Program Director, GWU CPS-IIST
"Joe is a rigorous scholar who demands the same rigor from his students. He is both pragmatic and theoretical, making him a dynamic figure in the classroom. As a writer, he achieves clarity, never letting his theoretical ideas run away with the conversation."
Brian Flota
Humanities Librarian, James Madison University
"I met Joseph when I delivered a keynote talk at the Composing Disability conference. He and his team did an incredible job creating one of the most dynamic and enjoyable conferences I have ever attended. His dedication to his field is obvious, as is his professionalism."
Katie Rose Guest Pryal
Novelist and Freelance Academic