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Joseph P. Fisher's Professional Bio

Joseph P. Fisher earned a Ph.D. in English from The George Washington University. He holds a specialization in twentieth and twenty-first century American literary studies, with sub-specializations in critical theory, disability studies, and writing pedagogy.

Joe is currently employed as Executive Director of the Academic Resource Center at Georgetown University. Previously, he served as Assistant Director in George Washington’s Office of Disability Support Services.

In addition, Joe is a seasoned professor, with sixteen years of combined teaching experience at the community college and four-year university levels. Joe most recently held an appointment as a professor of composition and cyberethics in George Washington’s College of Professional Studies.

Outside of his administrative and academic duties, Joe has maintained an active publication record. His current research interests explore the intersections of disability and athletics.

A lifelong distance runner, Joe is a certified running coach by the Road Runners Club of America. He is also a recreational hiker, and he sometimes plays the drums.

Joe currently resides in Washington, DC with his wife Kelly and their four cats who occasionally allow him to sit on his couch.

Puffin, resting, taking Joe's seat on the couch

Board and Committee Appointments

Present Appointments

Past Appointments

  • President, Board of Directors—Capital Area Chapter, Association on Higher Education and Disability (C-AHEAD)
  • Chair, Planning Committee for Composing Disability Conference Series
  • Chair, Training and Education Diversity and Inclusion Workgroup, The George Washington University
  • Member, Admissions Committee, College of Professional Studies, The George Washington University
  • Member, Diversity and Inclusion Research and Evaluation Committee, The George Washington University
  • Member, Sexual Assault Task Force, The George Washington University
  • Member, Curriculum Committee, The George Washington University English Graduate Student Association


Fatuous Literary Braggadocio

Joe has read all of George Eliot’s Middlemarch. He has also read every volume of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, a project that spanned five years and that was nearly as fatiguing as reading all five of James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales. For some reason, Joe believes that it is necessary to highlight these reading accomplishments.

Frivolous Pop Culture Opinions

Joe is not much for watching movies—Goodfellas and Heat rule, though—but he has spent a lot of his life listening to popular music. He suspects that if he were to be stranded on a desert island, he would—after packing sufficient food, clothing, sunscreen, drinkable water, a stereo, and (it must be noted) a really long extension cord—bring the following albums with him:

  • Faith No More’s Angel Dust
  • Ride’s Nowhere
  • Explosions in the Sky’s The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
  • Lush’s Split
  • Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet
  • Belly’s King
  • The Cure’s Disintegration
  • Pinkshinyultrablast’s Everything Else Matters
  • New Order’s Substance
  • Love’s Forever Changes
  • Hum’s Downward Is Heavenward
  • Catherine Wheel’s Chrome
  • Boogie Down Productions’ Edutainment
  • The Stone Roses’ The Stone Roses

Faultless Professional Sports Perspective

The Boston Celtics are the best. Period.

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