Traces of Signs Past

In the late 2000s, I co-wrote (and edited) a group blog with American literature and critical theory students at The George Washington University. Titled You Made Me Theorize, this blog allowed my students to toy with basic HTML while using the interactive and informal weblog genre to test nascent arguments and to apply course concepts to any number of cultural concerns. You Made Me Theorize was an ever-shifting enterprise, one that morphed and evolved nearly daily, depending on who was handling the controls.

Eventually, these students graduated and moved on to bigger and better things. Likewise, I eventually lost my adjunct appointment in the GW English department because that is what happens to so many adjuncts. My promise to my students in those long-ago days was that once they had permission to blog on You Made Me Theorize, they could always do so, just as long as they had the ability to log into their accounts. That promise remains to this day. Maybe, at some unannounced time, the blog will be updated again. Maybe not. Maybe the blog will forever stay as it is, capturing the wonderful and interesting work of a small group of very smart undergraduate students in the (sort of) early days of web-based writing.

phonetic spelling of the word erasure