Hawaii Hiking

These pictures were taken on two separate hiking trips in Hawaii. The first occurred at Volcanoes National Park in July 2005. For the most part, particularly given the active volcanic activity in the park that began in the spring of 2018, the land features in these photos do not exist anymore. The images of flowing lava show land that eventually collapsed into the Pacific Ocean. Eventually, the vent shown in these photos closed completely.

The Haleakalā photos were taken in July of 2015, when Joe and Kelly Fisher spent their ten-year wedding anniversary hiking and camping in the crater. It was a somewhat unusual way to commemorate ten years of marriage, but it was enjoyable nevertheless. In the span of about sixty hours, they only saw four other people, and they only spoke with them for mere minutes. This was quite the contrast to life in Washington, DC.

Enjoy these images of some of the most beautiful, otherworldly landscape that the Earth offers in modern time.

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