Crip Ecologies

[Background image courtesy of Riva Lehrer and Katherine Sherwood]

Composing Disability 2016 Event Theme:

The third installment of Composing Disability, Crip Ecologies, was held in April 2016. Exploring the intersections of literary studies, ecostudies, and even strands of posthumanism, Crip Ecologies examined the wanted, unwanted, and even unknowable intimacies between humans and their environments.

These examinations aspired to push disability studies, and the humanities in general, into a rigorous interdisciplinarity that would forground trans-historical, cross-cultural, and crip/queer research about human, non-human, organic, and inorganic relationships—all of which mark our experiences in the world.

Event Dates:

April 7-8, 2016

Featured Speakers:

Planning Committee:

Gabrielle M.W. Bychowski, Joseph P. Fisher, Wade Fletcher, Jonathan Hsy, Robert McRuer, David Mitchell, Abby Wilkerson