Crip Politics and the Crisis of Culture

[Background image courtesy of Riva Lehrer and Katherine Sherwood]

Composing Disability 2018 Event Theme:

The 2018 iteration of Composing Disability, subtitled Crip Politics and the Crisis of Culture, was held in March of 2018. Motivated by the surgining tides of Trumpism in the United States and regressive nativism throughout Europe, Crip Politics asked:

What might disability politics, disability arts, and disability studies look like in the “post-truth” era?

How have disabled bodies, minds, and behaviors been caught up cultural crises across time or space?

Most pointedly, in what ways does the new authoritarianism present decidedly new challenges for crip politics and theory?

Event Dates:

March 22-23, 2018

Featured Speaker:

Planning Committee:

Joseph P. Fisher, Brady James Forrest, Jonathan Hsy, Robert McRuer, David Mitchell, Abby Wilkerson