Again! Finally!

Well, I’m back, sort of.  This morning marked the first morning that I got out of bed, laced up my shoes, and jogged along the Potomac River in over a year.

I have officially reached the return to running on the road phase of my recovery.

At the moment, I am running in three bursts of 9-minute intervals, with 1-minute walk breaks between them.  Today, I logged 3.68 miles in that 30-minute span.

It’s both astounding and somewhat saddening to know that an entire year of training has been lost to this talus injury.  Even still, I have roughly just under another year to go before I can reasonably start training for the middle and long distances.

None of this has been easy.  In fact, I was quite amazed at how challenging this morning’s run was, given that I’ve been running this duration of time on a track for a few weeks.  The small contours in the land combined with the much less springy sidewalk surface really did hammer home some fatigue.

Regardless, this was a good day, and I was happy with it.  My pacing seems fine, so maybe this isn’t over just yet.

July 22, 2019