My Ankle, by the Numbers

Throughout the duration of my recovery, I intend to offer intermittent updates about the various stages of rehab that I’ve experienced and about the overall duration of this very long process. Again, there seems to be precious little information about osteochondral defect rehab on the vast, vast Interwebs, so I’m hoping to offer a small, current perspective on all of this, since the injury does seem to be sort of common.

11/7/18—date of surgery

12/14/18—first day of light right foot weight-bearing in motion-control boot (assisted by crutches)

12/27/18—five minutes of independent walking in motion-control boot without crutches

1/2/19—first time sitting at a bar and having a beer since 11/3/18

1/5/19—first full day of independent walking in motion-control boot

1/11/19—start use of lace-up brace; first day of placing my right foot in a shoe since the date of surgery

1/19/19—first day of (brief) walking outside with two shoes (and the lace-up brace) since the date of surgery

I still talk straighter (whatever that might mean) than I walk.

January 19, 2019