It has been a little while, I know. Last week was a particularly heavy grading week, so I spent much of my free time commenting on student paper drafts.

In addition, I am working on another web project, this time for my father.  I have been furiously working to try to bring that project to completion.

And in addition to that, I had the great misfortune of navigating to my website about two weeks ago just to check it out.  It had been at least a week or so prior to that since I had been anywhere near this site.  Much to my miserable dismay, I noticed that for reasons that still remain mysterious, WordPress started throwing all kinds of scary, inexplicable errors, both in the web browser and in the dashboard itself.  Plugins started misfiring, and all kinds of terrible stuff started falling to pieces quite rapidly.

I cannot absolutely say for certain if this new WordPress Gutenberg update caused any of this, but I wouldn’t be shocked to find out if that were the case.

Anyway, I updated the version of php I was running, removed some plugins that I no longer needed, started condensing some HTML here and there, and then hired some professional help, because I reached my limit very fast.

Everything seems to have subsided, but I am still logging into my website with a nervous trepidation, so please, if you see anything wrong right now, just hold off on telling me.  Most days last week, I really wished that my keyboard was made of scotch and painkillers.


I will return soon with more post-surgery updates.  Today, though, I will check in to say that February 12, 2019 marked the first day that I walked without the lace-up brace for one hour.  The idea is to gradually wean out of the brace so that by the end of this month, I can walk normally.  

This all feels good.

-February 17, 2019