Training Stats

The General Update Here I am on the morning of January 1, 2020—the year of the future—closing out 2019’s periodic surgery stats updates. We are officially at the point where I hope that these stats can be reconceptualized as training stats, because I do hope that I have progressed to the time when I can …

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On the Road

Again! Finally! Well, I’m back, sort of.  This morning marked the first morning that I got out of bed, laced up my shoes, and jogged along the Potomac River in over a year. I have officially reached the return to running on the road phase of my recovery. At the moment, I am running in …

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Surgery Stats

My Ankle, by the Numbers Throughout the duration of my recovery, I intend to offer intermittent updates about the various stages of rehab that I’ve experienced and about the overall duration of this very long process. Again, there seems to be precious little information about osteochondral defect rehab on the vast, vast Interwebs, so I’m …

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Mobilization Inspiration

Start with the Toes Right now, I am actually having some trouble moving my big toe.  Thankfully, Hollywood, as always, can serve as a source of inspiration. Beatrix Kiddo, I channel your determination on a daily basis. –December 9, 2018 Blog Home