On the Track

Briefly (for Now) I remain very busy. For starters, I think that I have finally decided on a good working structure for this website, so I have begun the process of designing and installing a proper navigation menu for it.  This endeavor takes time on its own, and it has forced me to streamline and …

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On the Tread

And Start Forward I will readily admit that last week’s post was grouchy.  I feel compelled to issue an apology for that because the people who have been managing my medical care and the people close to me, presumably the people who are reading these posts, have consistently expressed concern about my recovery. At the …

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Where Have I Been

You Ask? Well, I have been busy.  For starters, I have been steadily rebuilding some webforms for the Coach Kiprunning website.  In addition, I have just put the finishing touches on my father’s website for his small business: Consolidated Tax and Financial Services. And in addition to those things—and as a direct result of those …

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