Composing Disability Archive

Well, things look different, don’t they? As I promised before, I am going to start toying with new layouts for these blog posts to make them more user friendly, now that I am actually using the blog to, well, blog.

Today, I have just a few brief updates. First, I have started building a permanent archive of sorts for the Composing Disability conference series that I helped develop for The George Washington University so many years ago. This is a work in progress that I hope to finish soon, because . . .

. . . I am starting a new job next week.

There is a lot going on, as you can imagine. This new opportunity at Georgetown is exciting and disorienting, because I have been a George Washington affiliate, uninterrupted, for sixteen years. Time flies.

Anyway, I want to get the Composing Disability page started so that I can easily tinker with it whenever I have the time.

And speaking of tinkering, I’m also honored to say that my web skills have been requested for the DC Road Runners National Capital 20-Miler website. More work!

I’ll be back soon with more surgery stats. Running is going well, thanks for asking.

August 28, 2019